Loving my healthy-looking and silky soft hair: Mucota’s new Scena Plus Treatment



A week before Ollie’s 2nd birthday party, I sent a ‘SOS text’ to Kenjo Korean Hair Salon and asked if they could squeeze me in for a much needed hair pampering session. I was stressed up from the frequent late nights at work and having to prep for Ollie’s party within the coming week. If there was one thing that could help me de-stress plus help me look better despite the darken eye circles that were worsening, and didn’t need much fussing to look photo-ready on party day, this was it.

Also, I was in love with how healthy my hair was starting to look on a daily basis, especially through recent photos, since my last visit at Kenjo where I did Mucota Scena Hair Treatment to nourish and strengthen my hair. I obviously don’t take care of my hair as diligently as I do to my face, so it was nice to see a big improvement with the hair having lots more shine and bounce instead of looking flat, limp and dry.


Thankfully Kenjo could squeeze me in despite my last minute’s notice. Little did I realize what a treat I was going to be in for when my Korean Director Stylist, Lois, shared that she was going to do a new & improved 5-step Mucota Scena Plus Treatment which could result in even softer and more manageable hair which could last up to 8 weeks!


Re-formulated & Re-packaged, the Mucota Scena Plus 5-step Treatment products definitely looked a lot more premium and indulgent! I couldn’t wait to be pampered by these products!


For your benefit and curiosity, here’s a quick summary of what each step and product does:

Step 1: ETHOS – this helps to detox and neutralize residual agents left from chemical treatment (I’m referring to us rebonding/straightening/curling/colouring fanatics). Think of how a detox always helps our body and skin by removing all the “waste”, likewise this first step helps to prevent further damage and uses silk proteins and ceramide to improve hair condition.


Step 2: SCALP SPA – this product has dual benefits. It effectively prepares the scalp environment for treatment and protects it from irritation; and also adds moisture by replenishing the natural moisturizing factor of your hair and scalp. I liked that my scalp didn’t sting and the coldness from the cream gave my scalp a refreshed, soothing feeling.

Next, step 3 & 4 were done together.

Step 3: ADEL – No, not the powerhouse singer. This product contains various elements which penetrates deep into hair structure, making the hair soft and hydrated through deep hydration and restoration of your hair’s natural elements.

Step 4: BRAVA – this product repairs a wide spectrum of damaged hair by creating a net-like structure within the hair to prevent essential elements from “flowing out”. It also improves texture so you don’t have to brush your fingers through coarse hair anymore!



Step 5: CALORE – this product ends the 5-step treatment by protecting hair cuticle to prolong the treatment effects (remember, I said up to 8 weeks?) via super lipidure; by coating the outer cuticle with a 7-later lamellar liquid crystal nano-structure which creates a pseudo-cuticle, keeping hair shiny, smooth and silky.


{all done!}

I could feel the softness of my hair – more so that the last treatment – immediately. Needless to say, the husband, superhelper and Liam was full of praises when they saw me, telling me how good I looked in my new hair!

It has been close to 4 weeks since the Mucota Scena Plus 5-step treatment and I’m still loving the silkiness and manageability of my hair! it’s been a breeze to maintain on a daily basis and I’m amazed by how my renewed healthy, shiny hair has so much of a difference and shoo away bad hair days.

I highly recommend experiencing this newly formulated Mucota Scena Plus 5-step treatment! Quote “Natasha” to get a 15% off on your first visit!

KENJO Korean Hair Salon 살롱

68 Orchard Road, #04-72, Plaza Singapura (New Wing), Singapore 238839

Phone: 6238 8083




Ollie’s 2nd birthday celebration – a collaborative Bear x Bus theme party



Ollie’s 2nd birthday party was epic.

It was the only party out of the 8 parties I’ve done, which had the most DIY projects, including having to fix the birthday cake thrice!

Yet it was also the only party which made me feel utterly miserable even before it started. Things I least anticipated to fail, failed so badly that it was tough concealing my sporadic sighs and disappointments whenever something went wrong.

What was interesting, however, was the heartfelt and positive feedback received from our guests at the end of the party. Some even WhatsApp us the day after to thank us for a very enjoyable party. Most commented it was one helluva AWESOME party filled with lots of love and effort, and could barely tell that anything was amiss.


Ollie’s actual birthday was also on party day. Wanting to create a fun and magical start to our newly minted 2-year old’s special day, I woke the boys up bright and early, and told them to get ready because we were going to have breakfast surprise with some very special guests!

“Wow, mommy, are we at Sentosa? My favourite place?” Liam quizzed happily as we reached the gates of Universal Studios Singapore. Little did he realize that papa and mummy were excited about breakfast with the Sesame Street Characters too!

From a breakfast spread of local and western variety, to getting up close & and personal with every Sesame Street character who would come by to the table to spend a few moments with the kids, Ollie was one very happy birthday boy! Liam absolutely enjoyed the attention and cuddles from the characters too.

And then it was time to leave and start running party errands! I thought that planning for an evening/dinner party would give me a few good hours to get everything sorted and ready but between 12pm – 3pm, it felt like time was passing by doubly fast! The husband & I barely had time to catch a breather, let alone get started on party set-up.



Unlike his 1st birthday party, where I basically dreamed up a theme of my heartfelt wish for him to always ‘Dream Big‘, coming up with a theme for Ollie for his 2nd birthday proved to be challenging because he was into whatever his older brother was into. Aside from trying not to repeat another “Peppa Pig” or “Thomas the Train” theme, it was important to me that Ollie’s 2nd birthday theme was one that would bring out his excitement and joy.


And then inspiration struck. We had a LINE FRIEND x Mr Maria collaboration BROWN lamp in Ollie’s room which he would always say good night to and plant kisses on (Doesn’t Ollie’s face resembled Brown’s face a little too?). Plus, I’ve always been a huge closet fan of Brown!

I also noticed that even though Liam was into trains, Ollie would always choose to play with buses over trains. Having created a collaborative theme for Liam’s 4th Birthday earlier this year, I was rather confident of creating another mash-up theme. I loved the uniqueness of creating a custom theme, and spontaneously decided that it was going to be a Bus x Bear birthday theme! 

With limited inspiration on the Internet when it came to collaborative themes, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I roped in my ever-enthusiastic helper to make some cardboard buses as party decorations, and jokingly suggested that we should get some colourful art paper and create our very own bus paper bunting too!

My helper actually took my joke seriously and a day later, showed me 60 paper cars and buses that she had cut up to string into a paper bunting, along with bigger paper cut-outs of buses.

What a gorgeous outcome our handiwork turned out to be. The party room ended up looking really colourful and cheery with our colourful paper buntings and cut-outs.


{Special mention and thanks goes out to Diana from Mum Craft for setting aside an afternoon to experiment with me when I asked her for ideas to make a bus}




The husband and I decided to host our guests close to home so that we didn’t have to worry about transport arrangements to and fro party venue. We managed to get hold of both the dining room and clubhouse thanks to the couz, which was perfect for hosting our crowd of 40.

Hosting Ollie’s 2nd birthday party within a stone’s throw away from home also meant that the husband & I could ran errands and set-up while both boys napped at home (with mum). We didn’t have to worry about forgetting anything for the party, although I ended up forgetting quite a few things such as dessert table and party food labels, and with the use of our trolley, transporting Ollie’s presents and homecooked food was done with ease.

The only downside of having a “home venue” was having limited manpower and resources. Unlike external event spaces where there’s ready staff to help, we were pretty much on our own. That said, we were blessed with help extended by party guests who arrived early even when I insisted on being able to manage everything. I felt very loved, with all lines of formalities blurred between us and the guests (perks of only inviting closed friends and family) that it felt like a family gathering. A big happy family gathering!



Ollie 2nd birthday party


Ollie Bear and Bus Birthday Party





After attending one of our friend’s party where she hired a Prata-on-the-spot live station, the husband & I were absolutely sold that we wanted one for our next party too. What a good decision it turned out to be. Our guests were given more than 20 varieties to choose from ranging from the usual kosong/plain and egg pratas to pair with different types of curries, to other more fancy creations such as chocolate banana, cheese, tissue, paper prata etc. For those who couldn’t take spice in their diet, we prepared homemade food such as deep fried potato cutlets, a pot of the helper’s signature spicy soup, and a tray of Pasta Bolognese. I couldn’t resist adding on more food to the table with Ollie’s favourite mushroom/chicken curry puffs from Old Chang Kee and catered a mini buffet from Curry Pot as well.


Having thrown so many parties for the boys and setting up a dessert/cake table at every party, I was hesitant about doing one for Ollie’s 2nd birthday party. Personally, I do feel dessert tables are getting wee bit over-hyped these days especially with the amount of wastage left at the end of the party. Aware that we had lots of food served out to our guests, I didn’t want most of the items displayed on my dessert table to go to waste.

Eventually, I decided on a simple dessert table to complement the cake. I was mindful to limit the edibles (non-packaged ones) to a few popular favourites that would be a hit with our party guests, and balanced it up with individually packed chocolates, cookies and popcorns which could be brought home and consumed on another day. It worked out! I didn’t end up having to bring back boxes of desserts and eating them for the next 2 days.





Here’s when my first epic disaster happened. While opening the cake box to unveil the cake and prepare for display on the dessert table, I screamed to find that the main highlight of my chiffon cake – Line Friend’s Brown – had toppled and was sitting upside down at the bottom of the cake. My baker had given careful instructions to drive as slow as possible during cake collection and I was all ready to blame it on the husband even though I knew that he already did his best to avoid road humps (I was holding on to the cake behind) or abrupt braking while making our journey back. I held my tongue back, and saw the husband doing his best to “piece” the bear gingerly together, leaning it against the specially customized wooden cake topper which I wasn’t intending on using initially when I realized that the bear took up quite a big space on the top tier of the cake…before asking the photographer to quickly snap photos of the cake.

And then there was the task of shifting the cake from the dining room to the party room! It took 3 adults – the husband, his friend and myself to move the very fragile cake cautiously, taking our steps in unison while having all eyes on the cake so as not to damage the cake further.


With lots of coordination and a team effort, we managed to transfer the birthday cake over successfully. And that’s when our party photographer said “Quick, let’s take a few more photos together with the cake in tact before anything else happens!”




Alas, the Bear on the cake couldn’t bare for long (pun intended). Cracks were starting to appear, and friends suggested letting mr. Brown (bear) “rest” for a bit before the all important cake cutting and photo session later on. I was reluctant to display a bare looking cake, but thankfully everyone was either  in the dining room busy digging into their pratas and curries, or occupied with party activities in the outdoors to notice.


{Backstage photo captured by party guest, friend and blogger @doting_dad from Life’s Tiny Miracles}

I was starting to feel disheartened staring at the cake without its cute Bear topper. Just then, my backdrop which was stuck against the porous wall was threatening to drop for the 3rd time – epic disaster #2. We managed to “save” it from falling off completely nonetheless thanks to lots of reinforcement gestures from me and a few friends.

And just when I thought I could take a breather from the disasters that were starting to take place one after another, Liam got hold of my gorgeous customized wooden cake topper and accidentally snapped it. OH MY GOODNESS! Why was this happening???

It was also at this moment that Olllie came towards me, requesting to be carried only to be visibly affected by the Bear topper that was missing from his birthday cake.


{Birthday boy keeps looking at the bear on the plate}

I cooked up a story that the bear had to take a nap first before sitting on top of the cake again, assuming that Ollie would understand…


{thank you @doting_dad for this photo!}










Kids should have the most fun at kids parties, which is why party activities are always an important consideration for me whenever I host a party at a venue that does not have a kids playground. Thankfully for our venue this time around, there was a tree-house playground just outside the clubhouse which was great for guests who arrived early and could still catch the early evening light. Other fringe activities such face painting and balloon sculpting were available as well.

For the main party activity, I engaged Muse Arts for the 2nd time, following the wonderful feedback received from guests at Liam’s 4th Birthday Party earlier this year.




We had a minor set-back when the condo’s security informed us that we couldn’t play any of the activities indoors because it might disturb the other residents who wanted to use the common lounge. Muse Arts was quick to adapt accordingly. 15 minutes was all it took for them to set-up in the outdoors before gathering all the kids to kick off the play session. We started by singing songs, with a special song dedication to the birthday boy as we sang ‘Wheels On The Bus’!



Next, it was picture hunt time! In line with the bus theme, the kids were briefed to find coloured versions of buses and traffic signs as shown on the orange board.



Not bad, the kids managed to find the coloured version of all that was displayed on the orange board!

Next, it was time for the next party activity – the limbo rock and more games!





Meanwhile, back indoors, we started to gather everyone for cake cutting,

Muse Arts led the cake cutting with the ukelele accompaniment as they sang 3 versions of the Happy Birthday Song: in English, Mandarin and Korean! (play video below to hear). Hip hip hooray, we went! One for the kids, one for the parents! Loved the energy from our guests!



Muse Arts didn’t just stop their entertainment and party fun there. After everyone had their fill of the delicious chiffon cake (I joked with my guests that for all the stress the cake gave me, at least it tasted yummy!), the kids were in for some smashing Pinata fun! This time, yours truly remembered to buy candies for the Pinata. And if you’re wondering why it’s a Fish pinata and not a Bear or Bus pinata, well, the shop had neither. So a Fish pinata it was, since Ollie likes fishes too!



With the kids still high from smashing and collecting of candy from the Pinata, Muse Arts went on to play ‘Parachute’! The kids were told to go under the parachute before hopping onto the parachute to be spun round and round as they sung “The Wheels On The Bus go round and round…round and round. Suddenly at the end, ‘POP!’ went the confetti cannon! Muse Arts sure made Ollie feel extra special, and ended the party activities with on a high with a big BANG. What a brilliant way to conclude the end of party activities. Thank you Muse Arts for making Ollie’s party such a kick-ass one!


With the party entertainers taking their leave, it was back to playing cardboard buses among the kids! Seeing all the smiles and fun they had, it made those hours of painting ’em cardboard buses absolutely worthwhile!




And while the kids busied themselves, the moms busied themselves with wefies…

ollie-2nd-birthday_so-natty_party-guests_2_edited ollie-2nd-birthday_so-natty_party-guests_edited ollie-2nd-birthday_so-natty_so-amazingly-bum_edited



Instead of packing my own bag of party favors as I’ve been doing for the last 7 parties, I was so glad to finally outsource this, this time around to baker Just Julia. I didn’t want to stress over what of “goodies” were welcomed/unwelcomed by parents nor did I want to stress over finding different sorts of toys for the different age groups. And so when I came across these bunch of Viennese Whirls which were prettily packed, I knew that it would make the perfect party favor! These perfectly sized buttery goodness, melt-in-your-mouth cookies were soooooo yummy, and soooo perfect for both kids and adults! Some of the guests & I couldn’t stop talking about it even the day after because it was just so addictive! Best eaten chilled, with a hot cuppa coffee.



When we finally got home at 11pm that day, all exhausted, hungry yet happy that we managed to pull off yet another fun party for our friends despite the few hiccups, I told the husband that I would be insane to put myself through another 2 rounds next year again.. “You know you’ll still go through with it wholeheartedly and voluntarily right?” was his response.

Finally, a big thank you to all of our party guests for spending your evening with us and also for showering Ollie bear with so much love through your hugs, kisses, presents and ang pows! Ollie’s face lighted up when he unwrapped his very first micro mini skate scooter completed with a bell no less (no more needing to ask korkor for permission!), and was on cloud nine unwrapping the rest of his presents.


bok-4210 bok-4214

To my little Ollie, just like that, you’re two! Where did the year go?

You’re such a wild child and a cute one at that! You never fail to light up smiles on people’s faces thanks to your contagious low, hearty laughs and infectious sunshine smile. You continue to be extremely affectionate towards your big brother, although you are also learning very quickly how to get our attention with your planned whines and tantrums…yes, we do see how you quickly peek at us from the side of your eyes just to make sure we’re still looking at you.

For your age, your determination to climb on anything just to get to what you want actually worries us a lot, enough to give us heart palpitations whenever we turn around only to find that you standing atop some bar chair next to the cupboard so that you can get access to your snacks. Yet it’s also shows us the ‘gung ho’ side of you, to just do first and not be trapped by the “what ifs”. I can’t wait to see the sort of mischief you’ll get to in the year ahead of us.

The recent drama with your finger being caught by our heavy wooden door a month back scared the shit out of me and your papa. What were you thinking? Creeping silently behind aunty M as she made her way to the kitchen to get you another bottle of milk and lurking within the shadows! Your korkor had no idea your fingers were placed on the hinge of the door and when he shut it close in excitement, thinking that aunty M was back to play “catch”.  The excruciating scream I heard you make over the phone killed me over and over. Not being able to do anything about it as we’re on the way home after sending your porpor home depressed me. And when your papa was driving as quickly as he could to send us to the A&E, I prayed fervently that there wouldn’t be a serious fracture. Seeing you cry so badly pained me. I felt like a really horrible mum when the doc asked me to leave during the removal of your bruised nail to clean your wound. I was clearly in the way of things. How I wished I could have hugged you tightly all the way instead of crying helplessly outside waiting for your papa to carry you out.

In spite of all that, you remained a champ. At the hospital, you kept asking for korkor to check if he was okay (probably after hearing how we scolded him so badly) and the next morning, with your bandaged arm and all, you went over to give him a big hug. That, my little Ollie, is what never cease to amaze me. Your love for your brother despite the usual sibling conflicts both of you have.

We love you so much Oliver. More than you’ll ever know. There’s always something about you that makes us sit up and notice a little more. Just the other day, we heard you sing a few songs, all in tune as you build your wooden tracks. It stopped us in our tracks too, we went “wow! this boy can’t speak properly yet but he can sing!” It’s been an amazing 2 years with you and I can’t wait to spend the years ahead with you until the love of your life becomes your wife & takes over…then again, I will still stick around…

I’m so proud to be your mommy, and I love everything about you (okay, maybe not that annoying habit of always wanting the dummy…). Happiest 2nd Birthday to you Ollie.

bok-4142 bok-4159



Inspired to plan a collaborative theme party or a bus/bear theme? Here’s where I sourced all my party goods from:

Line Friend’s Brown Bear Balloon: Carouseller @kfactorysg

Party Latex Balloons: Carouseller @partyyard

Face Painter: Carouseller @dellachen

Customized Wooden Cake Topper: Carouseller @kcottagestudio

Backdrop: Botak Sign

Party Entertainment (highly recommended): Muse Arts

Super cute and delicious chiffon birthday cake: Susanne from Loving Creations For You

Viennese Whirls Party Favors (loved these so much, I just ordered a medium bag for myself recently): Just Julia

Party Photographer: Jack Zhang from Bokelicious Photography

Happy Party Planning!

Paw-some Show to watch this Sep Holidays: PAW PATROL ‘Live’ at City Square Mall


“Paw Patrol, Paw! Paw! Paw! Paw”, I suddenly heard Liam watch one evening 2 weeks back. How did he know about Paw Patrol? And since when was he into it? – I wondered.

I figured it must have been thanks to YouTube and their recommended videos based on his watching habits. Ever since we decided to do away with Cable Subscription, YouTube has become the main source of entertainment whenever he’s given “screen time”. So back to Paw Patrol… after making myself watch through half an episode, I realized I rather him watch this when he learns about team work and skills vs. toy demos videos.

So when I received news that City Square Mall was hosting PAW PATROL’s first ‘live’ show in Asia from 3 Sep to 11 Sep, I knew it would be perfect to surprise the boys with it!

We were advised to arrive an hour earlier the 1pm ‘Live’ show on Saturday, and what d’ya know…this was the situation at 12pm

Paw Patrol City Square Mall 6

I wonder what time those folks seated right in front of the stage came at, 11am?

When we finally found a spot to plant ourselves by the side of the stage, Liam was so excited that he refused to sit down despite telling him that there was 25 minutes to go before the show starts. He got especially impatient during the last 15 minutes of wait time, and kept turning around to ask how many minutes more (to Paw Patrol appearing on stage). “12 minutes”, I would say, only to have to repeat myself another 5 times that it was still a 12 minutes wait. Thankfully, the good thing about ‘Live’ shows is that it appeals to a similar age group of kids. Soon, me and another mom were throwing glances of understanding at each other when both our boys started to count down in unison.

Paw Patrol City Square Mall 4

Screams from the floor ensued when Ryder came onto the stage to greet everyone, and the screams doubled in noise level when the star pups of the show – Marshall and Chase – appeared. Liam was so excited he kept turning around to get my attention: “mummy! Look! mummy, look! it’s Chase! It sure has been a while since I last saw Liam contain that sort of excitement.

We sang and danced along to the ‘Pup, Pup Boogie’ with the trio as they went about their mission to save the Adventure Bay Talent Show. It was absolutely hilarious for me and Ollie (and apparently some other mums who were seated around us) to watch Liam break into dance after dance so sportingly without qualms of being judged <see video below>.

Never mind that we didn’t get to sit facing the stage front, the PAW PATROL characters took the effort to come to the side of the stage from time to time to pay the us side-stage-audience some attention too.


And when it came to choosing 2 kids from the audience to boogie with them, they chose from the side stage too (good point to note if you know your kids will be excited to be up on stage!). I coaxed Liam to raise up and wave his hand frantically, but alas, he was too shy to do so. Meanwhile, little Ollie had no idea what was really happening apart from saying “dog, dog? Dog! Dog!”, he was happy to bounce along to the beat and mimic his older brother’s dance movements.

Liam sulked big time when the 20-minutes ‘Live’ show came to an end. “Where did they go, mummy?” he whined. Clearly he had so much fun watching the performance that he didn’t expect it to end so soon. What he didn’t realize was that his mama had a Meet & Greet pass with the PAW PATROL crew. I told him that we were going to Basement 2 to meet Chase, Marshall & Ryder again, provided he didn’t go into a meltdown and was patient enough to queue.


{almost there…!}

After waiting some 20 minutes post the ‘Live’ Show, PAW PATROL appeared to the hurrahs from the crowd and it was Meet and Greet time! It was a rather long queue, but thankfully also one that moved along rather efficiently. 


Liam was so overwhelmed with excitement to be in such close proximity with his current favourite cartoon characters that all 18 burst shots on my phone showed photos of his bashful self while Ollie, being the inquisitive almost-2yr-old that he is,  had his eyes on the Pups the entire time.

Since it was only about 2pm when we were done with photo-op session with PAW PATROL, we decided to hang around at City Square Mall for a bit longer to check out the Furry Fun Carnival that was taking place at the Outdoor Park while I took the chance to quickly grab some acrylic paint (which were on 1 for 1 offer!) for the boys. And before we knew it, there we were, grabbing frozen yogurt & ‘direct-view-of-stage’ seats at Milk & Honey (on level 2) which was facing the stage front directly an hour ahead of the 4pm ‘Live’ Show – just so our boys could watch PAW PATROL in action again.


The PAW PATROL ‘Live’ show and Meet & Greet ends on 11 September 2016 (Sun), and I must say, they are quite PAWSOME to watch! Take it from someone who stayed for 2 consecutive ‘Live’ shows. There’s always the newly opened Decathlon to check out in between!

Other details to take note:

PAW PATROL ‘Live’ Shows are held at at Level 1 Atrium

Showtimes: 2pm & 7pm (Tue – Fri); 1pm, 4pm & 7pm (Sat & Sun)

Meet, Greet and get your Photo Opp moment with PAW PATROL with a minimum spend of $50*, and redeem your exclusive Meet & Greet pass at level 2 Customer Service Counter, an hour before each live show, limited to 50 passes per Meet & Greet session (I overheard a mum expressing her disappointment to her husband that despite being at the counter 1.5 hours early, the Meet & Greet passes were fully redeemed, so no harm in being a little kiasu to redeem these passes!)

Also, with a minimum spend of $150* (or $250 if it includes NTUC FairPrice receipts), you can redeem a PAW PATROL Dog Bone Mini Cuision and a PAW PATROL Snap a Pic Pass (which is essentially another photo-op moment with life-size PAW PATROL’s vehicles), which Liam made so much noise about not being able to go in because his papa & mama just ready to spend $150 that day.

And for those who drive and intend to go down City Square Mall on weekdays, enjoy complimentary parking worth $3 with a minimum spend of $60. Terms and conditions apply. For us, we ended parking at the hotel across the road because the queue to the carpark an hour before the ‘Live’ show was just too painful to wait.

Have fun!

Kenjo (can you) see the difference in my hair? Kenjo guess what I did?


Kenjo Hair Salon 3

{Photo taken by mmlittlee}

For me, the true results of a hair well managed by a stylist is not only how I leave the salon looking & feeling, but also in the weeks after. To have colleagues still say “nice hair!”, “can I touch your hair? wow, so soft huh”, “how much ah?” 2 weeks after that hair pampering session, and still receiving hair compliments from the husband – which are few and far between – especially when my ex-hair style didn’t excite the husband one bit; that pretty much sums up my first visit and review of Kenjo Salon.

Kenjo Hair Salon 8

I’ve always worn my hair in the most boring way – flat & center-parted, since Motherhood. To me, it just seems the most practical especially when getting ready to go out with the family actually means getting the 2 kids ready first and using whatever’s left of time before the husband starts to get annoyed from waiting, on myself (showering, changing and putting on undereye concealer inclusive).

On the 2 occasions that I randomly felt a little more vain, hardworking and adventurous to walk-in for a perm (once during confinement after Ollie’s birth, and the next, some 4 months later), I ended up either putting lots of hair straightening cream or a hat before stepping out of the house.

Kenjo Hair Salon 7

So when Kenjo Korean Hair Salon invited me over for my first appointment few weeks back, I was absolutely thrilled. For someone who’s been trading hours of her sleeping time to watch ‘DOTS’ and ‘Doctors’, over blogging and online shopping; having a Korean hairstylist attend to my hair needs was a desire come true!

The first thing that I noticed when I stepped into Kenjo Korean Hair Salon that Sunday morning was how spacious and how pristine it was despite having quite a few seats occupied. Perhaps I’m used to the smaller salons, usually with cramp spaces (well, anything goes when it comes to Argan Oil Hair Treatments at coupon deals!), that stepping into a full-serviced salon, complete with a decent menu of hot/cold drinks, ample space for one’s belongings and for a good leg stretch in-between, and free wifi which didn’t demand for your re-login details every 10 minutes (which was perfect for my social media and article reading binge) was a refreshing and much welcomed change.

I was introduced to my Korean Director Stylist – Lois Park – who had my full buy-in when she suggested a colour and a volumizing C perm to give my limp state of hair a “lift” and inject some “vigour”. It wasn’t until a thorough hair wash and accessing my hair for the 2nd time, this time in its wet state, that she advised against a perm because the condition of my hair wasn’t optimal and that a perm might damage the hair further. Oops, must have been all that hurried rebonding over the bad perms which made it worse. While I was a tad disappointed to hear that I couldn’t go through with the volume perm, I agreed with Lois’s suggestion to nourish and strengthen the hair first. I was already dropping more hair post-partum this 2nd time round and the last thing I wanted was to have limp AND damaged-looking, frizzled hair. Besides, if I started treating my hair now, it would look even better and more luscious by year end right, just in time for the many photos amidst festive celebrations!

Frivolous thoughts aside, I was also grateful to have someone who prioritize the health of my hair over entertaining my grand hair ideas. While days when the husband is okay to manage both kids on his own for a good 3 hours don’t come often, I appreciated Lois’s insistence that we focused on what was more important first – which was strengthening my hair.

Kenjo Hair Salon 13

So project:healthy hair it was. I started with a hair colour (which was actually a hair repair product to produce softness and shine) to cover up all the white hairs that parenthood has given me using Mucota’s new Botanical Colours – Paralux Forest – doesn’t the name of the product alone sound so cool?

Using the 3 step hair colour system to colours, repair and protect the scalp & hair from chemicals and environmental damage that comes with age (sad but true), it also addresses the stress placed on scalp by utilizing plant extracts.

“Nat, this sounds like another fancy name for the usual hair colouring.” Well, it’s been 3 weeks and counting and the hair colour still looks good with no signs of my stubborn white hairs forcing their presence on my head vs. other colouring services I did back in May which seemingly vanished within 2 weeks. This Paralux Forest actually works! And if like me, the smell of hair colouring gets to you, well, this one won’t have much of a smell because most of it dissipates after a thorough wash at the salon.

Kenjo Hair Salon 15

Kenjo Hair Salon 14

Next, Lois did a 3-step Mucota Scena Hair Treatment to further nourish and strengthen my hair.

First, my hair was coated with a natural ceramide and moisturizing sugar (using Mucota Scena Adel) as the base for the other 2 steps of the treatment and to improve the repair function. In case all that sounds like greek, it’s like applying BB cream or a makeup base before slapping on your foundation for better and lasting absorption.

My hair was then sprayed with a hair repair product (step 2 – Mucota Scena Brava) which contained 5 kinds of hair repair elements to handle the various hair damages (from perming, colouring, rebonding, environmental, etc.)

Lastly, my hair was coated again with a cuticle protection cream (step 3 – Mucota Scena Calore) to improve damaged cuticle, control light diffuse reflection and create a lustrous hair base, making hair smooth and silky.

The treatment lasted for about an hour while I snapchatted, surfed my Facebook newsfeed and WhatsApp with my friends. While I’m not new to hair treatments – I’m a huge advocate of regular hair treatments be it at home or at salon – I definitely felt immediate difference upon touching my hair after this one. No wonder my boss and colleagues are such huge fans of Mucota Scena Treatment and are willing to splurge on it.

Kenjo Hair Salon 6

We ended the hair session with a haircut to create a pseudo-volume on my hair and more texture. While the non “Ah Lian” look took a bit getting used to, this new airy, bouncy hair grew on me really quickly. Lois even took the effort to re-create the C curls at the end as a sneak preview to how I’d look the next time my hair is optimal and ready for Volumizing C Perm. I hear she’s quite the go-to person when it comes to perms!

Kenjo Hair Salon 5

I left the salon feeling satisfied about my renewed hair which literally bounced along as I walked. But the best highlight of the day was yet to be.

Feeling bad for making the boys wait for a few hours while I got my hair done and a little hesitant that they might not even notice the subliminal difference to my hair, the husband paid me a very nice compliment as I entered the car.

“Wow, nice hair! You look really nice!” he said, and continued later on “this hair suits you so nicely Sweetie, told you that you need more volume and you look nice in a perm”

“Wow mummy, you look so pretty with your pretty hair!”, Liam echoed right after his papa when he could get a chance. Even the superhelper couldn’t help but chimed in later that evening: “Wow ma’am, very nice! I like!”.

Nothing like receiving spontaneous hair compliments to make one’s day!

A few praises came through WhatsApp right after I posted a photo of my new hairdo, and that very week, 2 of my favourite mom bloggers – Amazingly Still and Bumblebee Mum – even went to Kenjo Salon for a haircut!

Kenjo Hair Salon 16

{Photo from Amazingly Still}

 As a full-time mum who relies heavily on beauty shortcuts as much as possible so that I can sleep in as much as possible and get ready for work in the shortest time possible, this new hairstyle has been such breeze to manage.

Kenjo Hair Salon 4

{Photo by mmlittlee}

Kenjo Hair Salon 11

{Photo by mmlittlee}

Kenjo Hair Salon 12

Keen to try out Kenjo Korean Hair Salon’s hair services? Quote “Natasha” to get a 15% off on your first visit! Healthy hair FTW!

KENJO Korean Hair Salon 살롱

68 Orchard Road, #04-72, Plaza Singapura (New Wing), Singapore 238839

Phone: 6238 8083


Our first visit to USS in 2016!


After a year and a half hiatus, we finally made our 13th visit (our 1st visit for 2016!) to Universal Studios Singapore (USS) today! Who would have knew we could resist that long…especially when we’ve been making frequent trips to Sentosa.


But we did, thanks to other exciting adventures on the Luge, Cable Car, and the Beach.

We decided to make today a little special by telling the boys that we had a surprise planned for them. The only catch was that no screen time was allowed for the entire day, and they had to be on their best behaviour. It worked like a charm. The boys were very cooperative in finishing their breakfast, changing out of their PJs and were in a very sharing mood when it came to playing toys. I had quite the peaceful morning I’d hoped for while getting ready without needing to resolve any conflicts between the siblings.

And there we were… outside the gates of USS, purchasing our long-term passes, asking the counter time and again if there were any promotions or credit card discounts on admission fees because now that we had to pay for Liam too (I was hoping kid’s admission fees would be much cheaper but the difference in price from adult’s fee was as laughable); the difference from what we used to pay inclusive of purchasing Unlimited Express Passes add-ons, was threefold. Ouch.

In the end, against our inclination, we decided to do away with purchasing express passes. It turned out to be a really good lesson for Liam on delayed gratification. He was so careful in choosing which rides to line up for, that those with a wait time of 30 minutes and above, he made a mental note to check on their wait time from time to time. Those with a wait time of 25 minutes and below, he patiently waited in line without complains. Just when we thought we couldn’t be more pleased with this unexpectedly good outcome, he even suggested that each time he comes (to USS), he would focus on going for that one ride he really wants first. To my surprise, the husband also told the boy that he’ll take leave off work over the next few months to take the family to USS during off-peak timing, so that it’d be less crowded and we wouldn’t have to wait too long for rides. The boys left me gobsmacked with their outpouring of self-initiatives, I felt like a brat for even considering buying express passes to surprise them with.

I just might! Let’s see.

It’s amazing how after 12 visits, walking into Universal Studios Singapore still put big smiles on our faces like it did during our very first visit. The boys were so excited that they started to sprint. Between the husband & I, though left unsaid, we smiled to each other and knew, that this revisit to our once frequent family haunt was timely.


Liam now surpassed the minimum height limit for rides such as Puss in Boots and Transformers which meant that he could now go on more rides than before, while Ollie was now old enough to recognize Sesame Street Characters, clap-a-long to their shows, and have fun on rides such as King Julien’s Crazy Carousel, Madagascar and Dino-Soarin’.

To think we even hit a little milestone within the first hour of our 13th visit! We managed to chance on a photo with Shrek for the first time, only because he was so hidden – behind the Enchanted Airways roller coaster zone – and we happened to be there to video the husband & Liam on the roller coaster. So mama here decided to get in line since there wasn’t a queue yet. Lucky us! Check out Ollie’s apprehensive face. This was the only photo out of 10 bust shots that he finally looked at the camera instead of Shrek’s nostrils.


After which, I managed to record 45 seconds of the 2 older boys in adrenaline action on the roller coaster with Ollie on one arm.

And then the nicest thing happen. One of the staff, an elderly man, saw that I was taking a photo of the 3 boys together, and offered to take a few family photos of us against varied backgrounds.




I’ve no idea what’s with Liam and his “Home Alone” expression in all of ’em photos, but I’ve much love for these family photos (at least everyone’s looking at the cam!!!) and appreciation of the staff’s kind gesture. He was so amicable that the kids were happy to smile for him without any fuss, and patient in asking if we wanted him to take more photos of us. He absolutely made our day with these captured moments.



We ended our short revisit to USS with one last ride which was Ollie’s highlight of the day – the Dino-Soarin’ ride. Liam made my heart go all mushy and fuzzy when he insisted on queueing for this ride too, even after his papa tempted him that the Canopy Flyer Roller Coaster next door had a similar wait time as the one we’re in, because he wanted all of us to go on a ride together as a family. Awww, this boy really knows how to tug at my heartstrings without much effort.


Remember how we used to post photos of us at USS almost every weekend from late 2014 to 2015? Well, the Chungkins’s USS adventures version 2016 is back! Looking forward to our next visit!

Seletar Aerospace just got even cooler with a hipster cafe: Seok Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe


You know your hood is officially hip when you finally read about a hipster cafe which shares a similar postal code to you, being featured on a popular blog. And you know it is a really decent cafe worth visiting again and again when your rare cafe-hopper husband sneaks in a 2nd visit sans the family, within the week just to wind down from a stressful work schedule.

Just when I thought cafes in Singapore couldn’t get any cooler, Seok Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe impresses the socks outta me and my family at first sight. They say location is everything, and Seok Seng Bicycle Cafe absolutely nailed it.

Seok Seng Bicycle Cafe Seletar Aerospace_8

“Feels like a scene out of Top Gun”, the husband said as we were warmly greeted by the roaring sound of another jet taking off while walking towards the cafe.

As if our daily commute route to and fro home peppered with gorgeous views of planes, hangars, calm waters, big shady trees wasn’t scenic enough; here we were, sipping our lattes and plane watching at Seok Seng’s, having our skin brushed by the cool breeze every few seconds. My only gripe was only having my phone camera to capture it all.

Seok Seng Bicycle Cafe Seletar Aerospace_9

Family friendly? Absolutely. While the only kids friendly structure that was available at Seok Seng’s were baby chairs instead of fancy ball pits or slides or even toys, the boys were happy and contented just running and scooting along all that huge space within the outdoor seating, being able to scream in excitement, at the top of their lungs, whenever they spotted a plane. I didn’t have to pretend to be busy with my phone because some other patron might throw dagger stares at me ruining his hipster cafe moment. I could actually relish in the relaxing and calming vibes the surrounding and quaint cafe exude. Plus, don’t you think it makes the perfect backdrop for a runway #OOTD or family shot? Truly one of its kind!

Seok Seng Bicycle Cafe Seletar Aerospace_3

Seok Seng Bicycle Cafe Seletar Aerospace

Seok Seng Bicycle Cafe Seletar Aerospace_2

While the cafe’s food didn’t take my breath away as much as its picturesque view, I thought it was pretty decent. The kids enjoyed their Fish & Chips (which tasted quite good using breadcrumbs instead of batter) till the last morsel, that we had to order seconds just so the husband & I could snack on some of it.

Seok Seng Bicycle Cafe Seletar Aerospace_6

Seok Seng Bicycle Cafe Seletar Aerospace_5

I also spied on a variety of cakes on display such as the 1-layer Ondeh cake, and the chocolate rainbow but alas, I wasn’t with my dessert kakis. But what caught my eye beside the cake display was a big sign displaying all the flavours of Ice Cream Sandwiches from The Ice Cream & Cookie Co. Kudos to them for stocking my all-time favourite dessert and combo: admit it, it can’t get any better munching on a cookie ice-cream sandwich on a gorgeous day like the Sunday morning we were at Seok Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe, with clear blue skies and private jets in plain sight.

Were we charmed? You bet. We’ll definitely be back.

Other things noticed:

Clean toilets as part of MAJ Aviation Building

a sheltered lobby to the carpark for sudden downpours

Seok Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe is at 80 Seletar Aerospace View, MAJ Building – ground floor (you won’t miss it), Singapore 797563

Fujifilm X-T10: For when you don’t need a mirror to look good


“You’re going to have a difficult time returning this”, the product specialist said with certainty, as we parted ways.

The loan was only for a week. Yet as I made my way back to return the beauty, I couldn’t help but cradle it in my hands for the last time. I was clearly smitten head over heels with the Fujifilm X-T10 – a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera – which surprised me through and through. There was no doubt that I was going to miss using it.

So Natty Fujifilm XT10 5

I’ve always wanted a  premium compact camera as a complement/back-up to my D-SLR. I was swooned by the Fujifilm X series camera when I first saw it being featured in a lifestyle magazine. Then, I was still an avid hobbyist photographer, and told myself how it would be the perfect back-up camera to my D-SLR. I was also a complete sucker for aesthetics (well, still am). I loved how the vintage styling of the X series resembled a traditional SLR camera.

And then motherhood happened.

My Photography hobby took a back seat as breastfeeding and parenting duties took priority. I swapped my heavy, bulky camera bag for an equally heavy, bulky diaper bag, relying on my mobile phone as the “default” camera. Yet once in a while, I made it a point to take my D-SLR out of the dry cabinet for a photowalk. Never mind that it was cumbersome to use while babywearing, or that I had to upload the photos onto the comp via SD card before being able to send access them. It sure wasn’t the most practical camera for a newly-minted mum, yet I revelled in the image quality it produced.

And then Ollie happened.

With 2 kids and a heavier, bulkier diaper bag in tow, days of using my D-SLR reduced significantly. I yearned to feed my occasional photography lust again, and I had to find a better solution than lugging a DSLR around.

I’ve always thought Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera (MILC), or also referred as the Micro Four Thirds, which was fast gaining popularity among bloggers and Instagram Influencers, sounded intimidating. What did those 4 words even mean? What was the hype about? And more importantly, was it easy to use? I was however attracted by the promise of “DSLR image quality” minus the bulk and weight mentioned in advertisements. The only thing stopping me from making the purchase was its hefty price tag.

If I was going to fork out close to S$1K for a premium compact, I needed more than a “showroom test” of a few random clicks of random objects. I had to be sure that it was going to be money well-spent. I had to be sure it was going to serve my photography needs. I had to at least take it for a “road test” of sorts, and more importantly, I had to like it enough.

In the last 6 months, I’ve left enough comments on Facebook and Instagram for most of my friends on social media to notice that I was shopping around for a camera. Once, I came close to finding “the one”, only to be reminded of the not-so-good memories I had with the brand, back when they still insisted on using memory sticks when most of the other camera brands had moved on to SD cards.

Until I got acquainted with @i_post_for_love on Instagram through my good friend Bumblebee Mum. I was blown away by his minimally edited (if any) for slight exposure photos, and found out that he was using the Fujifilm X-T1.

And then serendipity struck.

While snooping on the Fujifilm Singapore website to read up on their range of digital cameras, I left an enquiry, asking which camera would be suitable for my current needs. Within the day, I was promptly recommended to try the X-T10 for a week. Woohoo!

So Natty Fujifilm XT10 3

So Natty Fujifilm XT10 6

So Natty Fujifilm XT10 2

So Natty Fujifilm XT10

I had so much fun taking photos with the X-T10 ! It was ridiculously easy to use, thanks to its rudimentary knobs and dials to control the camera settings.

So Natty Fujifilm XT18

So Natty Fujifilm XT12

So Natty Fujifilm XT19

Even my helper liked using the X-T10 too! She enjoyed it so much that she kept offering to take family photos of us at different spots against different backgrounds. Yay for us – no more needing to purchase $20 Groupon vouchers for family photoshoots, and being restricted to photographer’s choice of venue and time!

So Natty Fujifilm XT10 7

So Natty Fujifilm XT21

So Natty Fujifilm XT13

So Natty Fujifilm XT14

So Natty Fujifilm XT15

When it came to capturing kids at the playground, all instructions of “stay still, don’t move” fell on deaf ears. But of course, how could I expect my kids not to get all excited and stay still at a playground? So all I did the next best thing – flick the lever on the camera to “Auto” mode and clicked away!

So Natty Fujifilm XT20

So Natty Fujifilm XT17

So Natty Fujifilm XT16

The versatility of the camera continued to surprise me when it came to capturing my foodie adventures. I didn’t have problems of the food looking too “flat” in photos. And I didn’t have spend too long taking and re-taking photos, I could dive straight into eating after a few clicks.

In the case of the cookie with matcha molten lava photo below, I managed to eat the dessert while it was still warm!

So Natty Fujifilm XT10 8 So Natty Fujifilm XT10 10

During my week spent with the X-T10, I finally realized why mirrorless cameras were so well received! Unlike DSLRs, there were no camera vibrations and shakes before they’re mirror-less! Bet you didn’t realize I was that clueless. Still, good information to know nonetheless. Heh.

Final verdict? I had such an enjoyable time shooting with the Fujifilm X-T10 that I barely took a photo using my phone in the past week. I especially liked the FUJIFILM Camera Remote App (you have to download it from the app store), which was such a joy to use. It made the wireless transferring of photos from camera to phone so quick and easy, I was using the app so often!

That’s not all.

The app is perfect for group and family photos too. If you don’t trust your helper or kind stranger to take a proper photo of you, just ask her to stand with the camera facing you and make all the adjustments you want remotely from your mobile phone! YES, I’m talking about being able to view that all of you are in frame, ensuring that you don’t expose your unflattering bits before clicking the snap button, adjusting camera settings whether it’s too bright/dim, choosing popular filters such as  ‘Film stimulation’ mode which will gives Instagram a run for their money and even doing a hi-definition video recording of yourself. #mindblown

2 things that I wished was better on the Fujifilm X-T10 were the battery life which was usually drained at the end of the day – but this can be easily solved by getting extra batteries; and the display screen. I wished the display wasn’t as old school as its design, which made selfie shots a lot more challenging because I couldn’t flip it upwards to see ourselves on the screen (then again, that’s probably why their Fujifilm Camera Remote App is so outstanding in having so many features).

The husband has started looking at camera promotions whenever we receive a one of those Courts/Harvey Norman/Best Denki brochures in the mail, while I’m pretty much convinced that I like the X-T10 enough to part 2 terms of enrichment class fees with it.

Disclaimer: This post was brought to you in collaboration with Fujifilm Singapore, for which I offered to review in exchange for their kind generosity to loan me the X-T10 (with a standard 18-55mm f/2.8 lens) for a week for my personal “road test”. All photos, opinions, words, and inclination to purchase the X-T10 are my own.